Which Fictional President Would Be Most Likely to Start Nuclear War?

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.55.14 AM


  • In the real world, it would be an utter disaster. But this is just a hypothetical, so you might as well pick one.


What it means to be presidential has come up often in the last year and a half. As has talk of nuclear war and rocket launches from the Korean Peninsula. If life were a movie or a TV show, someone would mention having their “hand on the button” every 10 minutes. Hopefully, that’s as close as we ever get.

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Imagine: Coming This Fall, the Incredible Sleepwalker


Marvel Studios

  • With so many characters already represented and planned for the Marvel Universe, the studio must be straining to pull the next hit from the proverbial hat.


There’s no two ways about it: Marvel Studios is a juggernaut, both at the box office and on the small screen. Every year they churn out a couple of new superhero movies and shows, with each attaining at least modest – if not enormous – success.

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Movie Tag Line Makeover

No, this is not a review. Today I decided to have some frivolous fun and try to come up with new tag lines for a variety of films. Most of my proposed lines are original, but some are bits of dialogue that I think could have been used quite nicely. (The line in quotation marks next to the title is the tag line that was actually used.)


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