Imagine: Coming This Fall, the Incredible Sleepwalker


Marvel Studios

  • With so many characters already represented and planned for the Marvel Universe, the studio must be straining to pull the next hit from the proverbial hat.


There’s no two ways about it: Marvel Studios is a juggernaut, both at the box office and on the small screen. Every year they churn out a couple of new superhero movies and shows, with each attaining at least modest – if not enormous – success.

For 2017, hit shows Legion (FX) and The Defenders (Netflix) maintained the brand’s position at the fore of exciting TV, while the box office was again dominated by the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming (produced in conjunction with Sony), and Thor: Ragnarok.

As the Marvel universe continues capitalizing on its popularity through expansion, it’s not inconceivable that the studio could turn to even more obscure (and absurd) characters. While fan-favorites like Star-Lord and Hawkeye are widely viewed as popular today, they were relatively unknown for many years.

With this in mind, let’s look at three of the wackiest characters that the studio could introduce to the screen.


Big Bertha


Marvel Studios

Ashley Crawford, aka Big Bertha, is just your average, world-famous fashion model who has the ability to become extraordinarily obese at will by manipulating her body mass. Let that sink in for a minute. While she also has superhuman strength, durability, and leaping powers, it is her “weight control” that sets her apart as a mutant.

In one storyline, Bertha goes to a modeling gig where an evil doctor tries to get a sample of her DNA so that he can improve his weight-loss product. This doesn’t go as planned, of course, and upon ingesting some of his products the doctor becomes an oversized monster. A made-for- TV movie if we’ve ever seen one.



Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.38.40 AM

Marvel Studios

In the Marvel Universe there is what’s called the Mindscape, a dimension that exists in the mind of all living beings. Sleepwalkers guard people’s minds from the evil creatures in the Mindscape that want to invade their dreams. One Sleepwalker, whose name can’t be pronounced by humans, was tricked into entering the mind of a college student and became trapped. Long story short, the student and the Sleepwalker come to an agreement by which the Sleepwalker is able to fight crime when he materializes outside the student’s body.

How, you might ask? With superhuman strength, durability, resistance to injury, vision-based projection powers, and the ability to float. While he pops up to fight alongside Spider-Man and the X-Men, we’d be most interested to see Sleepwalker square off against 8-Ball – a notable enemy in that his character revolves entirely around the game of pool.




Marvel Studios

While the character is fictional, this is a story that’s so 80s it can’t be made up. Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, is a superheroine disco singer that was originally created for cross-promotional purposes with Casablanca Records. Seriously. After the collaboration was dropped, the character was free to explore other types of music. Still, that might be the greatest origin story of all time.

Capable of converting sound vibrations into light and energy beams, Dazzler was part of many other larger Marvel properties, including the X-Men. Which leads to our “big reveal” – Dazzler isn’t a character that could be introduced, she’s a character that is coming to the big screen in 2018’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. She doesn’t sound so wacky now, does she?


I guess we all just have to keep an open mind and get to know the less flashy Marvel characters. After all, Squirrel Girl is already slated for a series on Freeform.


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