22 Jump Street

22 cover

Don’t even bother seeing it. It’s the same exact case, and they solve it the same exact way as last time. Or at least that’s what they half-heartedly try to make you believe throughout the entire film.

In reality, you need to watch where you step because Vietnamese Jesus is drippin’ swagoo all over this sequel.

Back and as funny as ever, although lacking that “surprise” funny that is so innate to the first in a series (think The Hangover versus The Hangover 3), 22 Jump Street picks up right where it left off with the budding bromance of Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum).

Now off to college because they look “old as shit,” Hill and Tatum again have to find the dealers and suppliers of a new on-campus drug called “WhyPhy” that has already claimed the life of a student. Ringing any bells?

Along the way Tatum finds out what it feels like to be the “first person in his family to pretend to go to college,” and the dynamic duo take on the experience bean bag chair and all. After making a new mimbo friend on the football team named Zook (Wyatt Russell), a rift soon develops as Tatum spends more and more time with the cool kids at the expense of Hill. Again, ringing any bells?

22 move in

Don’t starting crying into the sheets of your extra-long twin bed just yet though. 22 Jump Street obviously wouldn’t be complete with out the addition of a new complicated love interest for Hill, to which Amber Stevens is up to the task as Maya. The always-funny Jillian Bell (Workaholics) takes up the remaining half of the unfortunately wide-open dorm room as Maya’s terrible, awkward roommate (that seemingly everyone has).

Ice Cube again reprises his role as Captain Dickson, and Nick Offerman his role as Deputy Chief Hardy. However, it’s the addition of comedic newcomers the Lucas Brothers as the perfect twins Keith and Kenny Yang that provide for some of the more quote-worthy lines. (To be fair, they finish each other’s sentences so often they probably only had half as many lines to remember.)

Explosions, drug deals, and the missionary position – exactly how I remember pretending to go to college. Be sure to stick around at the end for a glimpse at the next film(s) in the series. Apparently, there’s plenty more where that came from.

3.5/5 reels


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